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Romain Therville requested to merge dev into master

Massive update to the purge process

  • The multiple "esitoul" email adresses in the purge mail's "cc" field have been fixed. Issue #195 (closed)
  • The hidden runs and analyzes will not appear anymore in the purge mail (and resent purge mail), nor in the volume counts for each purge demand, but are still recorded in our database. Issues #193 (closed), #178 (closed)
  • If a purge demand is already declared for a project (and still pending), and an admin tries to open a new one, a SQL trigger is called to prevent the insertion. This results in a mail sent to the nG6 admins, informing them that no new demand can be openned (for this project) as long as the old one has not been treated. Issue #192 (closed)

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