This version contains updates concerning the purge system and bug fixes.

More informations in this tag's release notes.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements :

  • The project count on the project list has been fixed for user having "member" rights on a hidden project. Issue #154
  • The broken links to the project pages in the admin sections "Mail obsolete project" and "Process mail demands" have been fixed. Issue #163
  • The hard coded links in "Admin > Extend Project" are now made dynamicaly. Issue #146
  • The workflow that creates projects has been fixed. Issue #157
  • The "delete_analysis", "add_user" and "delete_purge_data" AJAX calls have been fixed. Issue #171

Visual updates :

  • The old static retention period displayed in the purge mails has been removed to avoid inconsistencies. Issue #137
  • New column "project space" in the "Process mail demands" admin section. Issue #161
  • New space specific retention warning label in, replacing the expiration limit warning with an explanation on the retention policy. Issue #161
  • In the FAQ section, a question has been added and a question has been updated. Issue #161

New features :

  • A new purge warning mail template has been made for project belonging to spaces that do not explicitly allow retention extentions (We removed the "Reach us to extend..." part in this new template). Issue #161
  • A new "Send mail without extension" button has been added to send the new format. Issue #161
  • New search filters in the "Process mail demands" admin section, on "project space" and "delay exceeded". Issue #161