New features and fixes, check the release note.

This tag contains new features and bug fixes:

  • New superadmin group

A new superadmin section can be found in Administration > Admin management, only visible to superadmins. Users that belong to this group can acess every project, run and analysis.

  • Workflow switch_project_space_id

This new workflow allows to migrate a project to another space_id, defined in The project's runs and analyzes are also updated, their files are moved and their retentions are updated according to the configuration file.

  • Purge mail reworks

The purge mail will now be sent to every admin, manager and member linked to the project. There is also a new "email_to_discard" parameter in the typo3 template, to remove email adresses from the recipient list.

  • Hidden runs and analyzes in project view

The hidden runs and analyzes will not be counted in the project view if they are not visible to the current user.

  • '0' character in run names

The character '0' in run names will no longer be normalized as '_' when creating a unix file path.