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<div class="ng6-content-header-right">
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
<dt>HOW TO...</dt> <dd> <a href="" target="_blanck">recover my username and password</a>?</dd>
<dt></dt> <dd> <a href="">get my data</a>?</dd>
<dt></dt> <dd> <a href="">add a user to my project so it can access the data</a>?</dd>
<h2><small>Keep up with </small>news</h2>
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
<dt>September 18 2018</dt> <dd>NG6 v3.2 is available on <a href=""></a>. Illumina pipelines were greatly improved (less time to make the data and analysis results available). An Oxford nanopore Technologies pipeline is now available. Can now work with slurm and sge. All runs come with a md5 sum file for raw data. New interface to manage projects and purge associated data is now included.</dd>
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