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#190 to be tested

parent a3e8ceac
......@@ -752,25 +752,19 @@ class Analysis (Component):
return [retcode, str_cmd]
def get_directory(self):
Returns a analysis's directory
if != None :
t3mysql = t3MySQLdb()
return t3mysql.select_analysis_directory(
else :
raise UnsavedAnalysisError()
def get_web_filepath(self, file_name, base_filepath='fileadmin' ):
def get_web_filepath(self, file_name, base_filepath='fileadmin' ):
returns the full web filepath from a given filename
@param file_name : the path to the file to link
@param base_filepath : the first directory in the path (depends on the server's directory structure)
@return : the full web filepath
logging.getLogger("Analysis.get_web_filepath").debug("IN analysis.get_web_filepath()")
return base_filepath + os.path.join(self.get_directory(), file_name)
if != None :
t3mysql = t3MySQLdb()
curr_dir= t3mysql.select_analysis_directory(
return base_filepath + os.path.join(, file_name)
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