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GPDS backend migration

Guillaume Cornut requested to merge feat/backend-migration into master

(Architecture inspired from data-discovery, Code imported and adapted from legacy unified-interface)

  • Add spring boot backend (to the latest version)
  • Add gradle build script
  • Add GitLab CI backend test job
  • Add spring cloud configuration
  • Add spring actuator & security
  • Add Elasticsearch REST client
  • Import code from unified-interface (adapt it to latest spring, junit and ES client)
    • BrAPI endpoint API
    • GnpIS GPDS data lookup API (result page with facets)
    • GnpIS XRef API
    • Handling private context when receiving HTTP Authorization by fetching the user group and requesting the corresponding private ES aliases
  • Configure a single JAR to run frontend and backend (with all REST APIs)
  • Update to BrAPI v1.2 specification (almost completely)
  • Add BrAPI documentationURL and schema:includedInDataCatalog fields (Elixir use case)
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