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Refactor data source configuration

Guillaume Cornut requested to merge fix/refactor_data_source_config into master

This MR provides:

  • Backend: list of data sources into the spring application.yml properties rather than having them listed in a resource file of the application.
  • Frontend: card-generic-document component uniformizing the display of data sources and PUI on every card.
  • Frontend: automatically updating of data sources in the nav bar

Fix GNP-5567 Fix #12 (closed)

  • Move data sources to spring config
  • Refactor frontend display of data sources (add them on germplasm card)
  • Dynamically load sources in navbar (keep order, bonus: show only partners with data)
  • Rebase on master (After !18 (merged) is merged!)
Edited by Jérémy Destin

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