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WIP: Java indexer

Jérémy Destin requested to merge feat/java_indexing into master
  • Add password on index API
    • Add API path to (both /actuator** and /faidare/v1/index**)
    • Ignore not actuator, not indexer web.ignoring().regexMatchers("^((?!\\/(actuator|faidare/v1/index)).)*$");
    • Test that both these path ask for password (test with SPRING_SECURITY_USER_PASSWORD=toto ./gradlew bootRun, user => user, password => toto)
    • Test that spring security ignores HTTP basic auth on BrAPI (should get data on curl --user gcornut:toto http://localhost:8380/gpds-dev/brapi/v1/studies)
  • Monitoring
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