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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • The issue has a low priority
  • The issue has a moderate priority
  • The issue is expected to be resolved as quickly as possible
  • Other labels

  • The issue imply the impossibility to do something, and they are no workaround
  • The issue doesn't affect the project possibilities. In other words, some other ways to do the same things exist
  • The issue imply minor impossibilities on the project
  • The issue has been reviewed and contains all required information
  • The issue is implemented and tested (but not released yet)
  • Issue not yes analyzed or partially analyzed
  • The issue fix is released in a new version
  • The issue needs more specifications from the requester
  • The issue won't be fixed
  • The issue describe a bug in the repository code
  • For CI/CD related topics
  • Relative to input data, database, etc.
  • The issue describe a request for the documentation
  • The issue describe a new feature
  • The issue describe a request for a new feature
  • The issue describe some improvements
  • The issue is linked with infrastructure stuff
  • The issue is related to the maintenance of the project
  • For asking a question