Commit e37ced3d authored by Jérémy Destin's avatar Jérémy Destin Committed by Célia Michotey
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style: Navbar style. GNP-5490

parent 135a8e14
@import "theme"; @import "theme";
.navbar { .navbar {
background-color: $theme-navbar-bg-color; background-image: $theme-navbar-bg-color;
} }
.navbar-toggler { .navbar-toggler {
...@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ $theme-btn-hover-border-color: $_theme-blue; ...@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ $theme-btn-hover-border-color: $_theme-blue;
// custom navbar // custom navbar
$theme-navbar-height: 4rem; $theme-navbar-height: 4rem;
$theme-navbar-color: $black; $theme-navbar-color: $black;
$theme-navbar-bg-color: $_theme-light-gray; $theme-navbar-bg-color: repeating-linear-gradient(#9b9b9b, #eaeaea, #eaeaea);
$theme-navbar-hover-color: $white; $theme-navbar-hover-color: $white;
$theme-navbar-hover-bg-color: $_theme-gray; $theme-navbar-hover-bg-color: $_theme-gray;
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