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# How to contribute to GPDS
## Git management
### Branches
* One stable & protected master branch
* Feature branches for development following the pattern `[dev_type]/[dev_name]` (ie. `chore/explaining_how_to_merge`) where [dev_type] can be:
* fix (bug fixes)
* feat (new feature)
* style (style modification)
* refactor (code refactoring)
* chore (base maintenance such as version bump)
### Commit & branches merge
* Commit name should follow pattern `[dev_type]: [brief description of the commit, lower than 50 characters]. [JIRA-KEY]`
* All branches must be merged via a `merge request` (MR)
* Merge requests should be created at the time of the branch creation in order to allow reviewer to comment and follow the developments, specify the `WIP` tag in the MR name (go further: *[feature highlight WIP](*).
git checkout -b chore/explaining_how_to_merge
git push --set-upstram origin chore/explaining_how_to_merge
Returns a link for creating the merge request easily:
Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
remote: To create a merge request for chore/explaining_how_to_merge, visit:
* [new branch]      chore/explaining_how_to_merge -> chore/explaining_how_to_merge
La branche 'chore/explaining_how_to_merge' est paramétrée pour suivre la branche distante 'chore/explaining_how_to_merge' depuis 'origin'.
* A `git rebase` is strongly recommanded before merging a MR
* [Git rebase official documentation](
* [How to keep a clean history](
* Merge requests should be reviewed by at least 2 colleagues
* Continuous Integration is launched automatically by Gitlab on each commit push or merge request creation.
## Data management
* Git LFS feature is enable on this project in order to store JSON test data
* Another dedicated Git LFS project (internal only) will be created to handle all private + public JSON files
* TODO: refer to the good Git LFS project in the CI settings for indexing the relevant data into the relevant Elasticsearch indices/instances
* the JSON files generation will be handled by an external ET (extract/transform) tool.
## Development environment
* Look at the []( for installation and execution instructions.
* Recommanded IDE is [Intellij IDEA](
* Use linting to apply code standards within the team:
* Use `ng lint` (for frontend code only)
* Use [Checkstyle]( and [PMD]( (TODO: implement) for backend (+frontend?) code
* All runtime variables should be externalized from the code in order to facilitate the CI management (database host/port, application name, public URL, JSON location...) and the adoption by partners
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