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Create instructions for loading data into local Elasticsearch using crafted...

Create instructions for loading data into local Elasticsearch using crafted docker image. GNP-5999 GNP-6000.
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FROM alpine
LABEL Author="Raphaël FLORES <>"
COPY scripts/ scripts/ scripts/ scripts/ scripts/to_bulk.jq /opt/scripts/
COPY scripts/filters/* /opt/scripts/filters/
# COPY dao settings
COPY backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/rare/settings.json /opt/backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/rare/settings.json
COPY backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/wheatis/settings.json /opt/backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/wheatis/settings.json
COPY backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/data-discovery/settings.json /opt/backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/data-discovery/settings.json
# COPY dao mappings
COPY /backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/rare/RareGeneticResource.mapping.json /opt/backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/rare/RareGeneticResource.mapping.json
COPY /backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/wheatis/WheatisGeneticResource.mapping.json /opt/backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/wheatis/WheatisGeneticResource.mapping.json
COPY /backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/data-discovery/WheatisGeneticResource.mapping.json /opt/backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/data-discovery/WheatisGeneticResource.mapping.json
# COPY suggestions settings
COPY backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/suggestions.mapping.json /opt/backend/src/main/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/domain/suggestions.mapping.json
COPY backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/settings-suggestions.json /opt/backend/src/test/resources/fr/inra/urgi/datadiscovery/dao/settings-suggestions.json
RUN apk add --update --no-cache bash curl jq parallel wget grep gzip sed date coreutils
RUN chmod +x /opt/scripts/
RUN mkdir ~/.parallel && touch ~/.parallel/will-cite
ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/scripts/"]
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -183,8 +183,49 @@ by these tests. The documentation is generated in the folder `backend/build/asci
Before all, if you have cloned the repository without fetching the data (see [Data handling](#data-handling) section), take care to get it before running any indexing script.
### TL;DR
Run the dockerized script for indexing data in your local Elasticsearch that you are expected to have already launched with `docker-compose up`:
docker run -t --volume $(pwd)/data:/opt/data/ --volume /tmp/bulk:/tmp/bulk/ --network=container:elasticsearch --help
Example for indexing RARe data:
docker run -t --volume $(pwd)/data:/opt/data/ --volume /tmp/bulk:/tmp/bulk/ --network=container:elasticsearch -host elasticsearch -app rare -env dev
If you need to spread the load on several CPUs, duplicate the value of `host` argument to simulate several Elasticsearch nodes, ie. below to use 4 CPUs:
docker run -t --volume $(pwd)/data:/opt/data/ --volume /tmp/bulk:/tmp/bulk/ --network=container:elasticsearch -host "elasticsearch elasticsearch elasticsearch elasticsearch" -app rare -env dev
Output logs should be available in directory `/tmp/bulk/rare-dev`.
### Portability
#### Docker
[TL;DR](#TLDR) section above expects to have built the docker image as follow:
# build the image
docker build -t .
# Login before pushing the image
docker login -u <your ForgeMIA username>
# push the built image
docker push
That should ease the indexing of data without having to craft a dedicated environment, which is explained below.
Feedback related to portability on MacOS and other GNU/Linux distro is really welcomed.
For MacOS, care to use latest GNU Parallel and Bash v4 versions, not the version provided by default via Brew.
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ ORANGE='\033[0;33m'
NC='\033[0m' # No format
export SHELL=/bin/bash
help() {
cat <<EOF
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