Verified Commit b0200b86 authored by Raphaël Flores's avatar Raphaël Flores
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Merge deployment hidden jobs. GNP-5796.

parent 9b6aed7e
......@@ -241,21 +241,7 @@ build-data-discovery:
.deploy-to-vm-openstack: &deploy_to_vm_openstack
- openstack
# Hidden job which serves as template for executed jobs below.
# See
retry: 2
# SSH initialization
- eval $(ssh-agent -s)
- ssh-add <(echo "${SSH_PRIVATE_KEY}")
- ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no ${SERVER_USER}@${SERVER_IP} 'echo "Successfully connected on $(hostname)"'
# Copy jar to the server
- scp ./backend/build/libs/${APP_NAME}.jar ${SERVER_USER}@${SERVER_IP}:/tmp/${APP_NAME}-${ENV}.jar
- ssh ${SERVER_USER}@${SERVER_IP} "sudo mv /tmp/${APP_NAME}-${ENV}.jar /opt/bootapp/${APP_NAME}-${ENV}.jar ; sudo chown -R bootapp:bootapp /opt/bootapp/"
# Restarting service with the updated jar and the according Spring profiles enabled
- ssh ${SERVER_USER}@${SERVER_IP} "sudo systemctl restart bootapp@${APP_NAME}-${ENV}"
- eval $(ssh-agent -k)
- echo "Deploy and index done. Application should be available at http://${SERVER_IP}:${APP_PORT}/${APP_CONTEXT}"
<<: *deploy_to_vm_proxmox
.variables-rare-beta-openstack: &variables-rare-beta-openstack
......@@ -558,7 +544,6 @@ deploy-brc4env-to-staging-openstack:
when: manual
needs: ["build-brc4env"]
stage: deploy-production
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