Commit 3027022d authored by Célia Michotey's avatar Célia Michotey
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Merge branch 'data/update-ebi-ensembl-plant-r51' into 'master'

Update EBI Ensembl Plants to release 51

See merge request urgi-is/data-discovery!313
parents c25789c7 6f0704ad
......@@ -43,9 +43,11 @@ build-es-synonyms-docker-image:
- cd data/synonyms
- gzip -fd all_*.txt.gz
- docker build --build-arg ELASTIC_VERSION=${ELASTIC_VERSION} -t${IMAGE_TAG} .
- docker build --build-arg ELASTIC_VERSION=${ELASTIC_VERSION} -t .
# TODO: remove the old SHA image before pushing the new one? (
- docker push${IMAGE_TAG}
- docker push
- data/synonyms/*
......@@ -113,7 +115,7 @@ test-and-sonarqube:
# because we need to pass some variables, but they are passed to _all_ containers
# so they fail the start of other docker images like urgi/docker-browsers
# the only solution is to override the entrypoint of the service and pass the arguments manually
- name:${IMAGE_TAG}
- name:
alias: elasticsearch
# discovery.type=single-node
# single-node is necessary to start in development mode
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