Verified Commit 1f301983 authored by Raphaël Flores's avatar Raphaël Flores
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Fix delete pattern to avoid conflict between rare and rare-with-basket. GNP-5796

parent b4e41026
...@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ curl -s -m 5 ${ES_HOST}:${ES_PORT} > /dev/null ...@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ curl -s -m 5 ${ES_HOST}:${ES_PORT} > /dev/null
} }
# Get previous existing timestamps # Get previous existing timestamps
PREVIOUS_TIMESTAMPS=$(curl -s "${ES_HOST}:${ES_PORT}/_cat/indices/${APP_NAME}*${APP_ENV}-tmstp*" | "${SED_CMD}" -r "s/.*-tmstp([0-9]+).*/\1/g" | sort -ru | grep -v "$TIMESTAMP") PREVIOUS_TIMESTAMPS=$(curl -s "${ES_HOST}:${ES_PORT}/_cat/indices/${APP_NAME}-${APP_ENV}-tmstp*" | "${SED_CMD}" -r "s/.*-tmstp([0-9]+).*/\1/g" | sort -ru | grep -v "$TIMESTAMP")
# Create index, aliases with their mapping # Create index, aliases with their mapping
$SHELL "${BASEDIR}"/ -host "$ES_HOST" -port "$ES_PORT" -app "$APP_NAME" -env "$APP_ENV" -timestamp "$TIMESTAMP" $SHELL "${BASEDIR}"/ -host "$ES_HOST" -port "$ES_PORT" -app "$APP_NAME" -env "$APP_ENV" -timestamp "$TIMESTAMP"
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