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Dockerfiles: makefile and readme.

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# Use the shiny-verse Docker image for the run
# (Includes, devtools, tidyverse, ...)
stage: deploy
VERS=$(subst test_environment/Dockerfile_,,$(wildcard test_environment/Dockerfile_*))
.PHONY: debug build push
.PHONY: $(VERS) $(addprefix push,$(VERS))
all: build push
@echo "R versions: $(VERS)"
build: $(VERS)
$(VERS): %: test_environment/Dockerfile_%
docker build --pull=true -f $< \
-t$@ \
push: $(addprefix push_,$(VERS))
$(addprefix push_,$(VERS)): push_%: %
docker push$<
# Build
# Testing environments for mapMCDA
Run from within project root (build context):
Under `test_environment` we store Dockerfiles defining three computing environments
for testing mapMCDA:
- `oldrel`: the latest major release of R,
- `release`: the current release of R
- `devel`: the next major release, under development
The images are built locally (see Makefile) and pushed to the [Docker registry
at Forgemia](
These images are used for Continuous Integration testing ([`.gitlab-ci.yml`](
The images are based on the [Rocker-versioned
images]( which in turn are based on either
Debian (for R < 4.0) or Ubuntu (for R >= 4.0).
For `oldrel`, package dependencies are installed from a CRAN snapshot at the
last date that particular R version was current. The result is an old R version
with contemporary versions of R-packages (i.e. not latest versions).
docker build . -f dev/dockerfiles/test_environment/Dockerfile_release -t --pull=true
# Run
docker run --rm -ti -p 8787:8787
You can experiment with a container using the development version of R with
all needed mapMCDA dependencies from both the system and R-packages.
docker run --rm -ti
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