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Docker image mapmcda. Try mapMCDA in Docker.

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# Try mapMCDA
Run mapMCDA in a Docker container, mapping the current directory into the directory `ext` in the container _home_.
In Windows:
docker run -d --rm -p 3838:3838 --name mapmcda -v ${PWD}:/root/ext
In Linux/MacOS:
docker run -d --rm -p 3838:3838 --name mapmcda -v $(pwd):/root/ext
Navigate to `localhost:3838` in a web browser.
After finishing working with mapMCDA, run
docker kill mapmcda
to stop the container.
# Testing environments for mapMCDA
Under `test_environment` we store Dockerfiles defining three computing environments
......@@ -4,12 +4,15 @@
# Adapted from:
FROM mapmcda_testenv
RUN R -e 'remotes::install_local()'
LABEL maintainer="Facundo Muñoz"
RUN rm -rf /tmp/downloaded_packages/ /tmp/*.rds
RUN R -e 'remotes::install_local()' \
&& rm -rf /tmp/downloaded_packages/ /tmp/*.rds \
&& mkdir /root/ext \
&& ln -s /builds/umr-astre/mapMCDA/inst/cartography/CMR /root/CMR
CMD R -e "options('shiny.port'=80,'');library(mapMCDA);shiny::runApp(system.file(\"interface\", package = \"mapMCDA\"), launch.browser = FALSE)"
CMD R -e "options('shiny.port'=3838,'');library(mapMCDA);shiny::runApp(system.file(\"interface\", package = \"mapMCDA\"), launch.browser = FALSE)"
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