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# mapMCDA 0.4
* Read network data.
- Filter national sub-network automatically (with warning) rather than stop on nodes off-boundaries. (#44)
- Warn (instead of error) if all links are unidirectional. Danger: assuming directionality when in reality the data is non-directional. (#41)
- Automatically aggregate volumes for multiple links (with warning,
rather than error).
- Stricter check consistency of nodes coordinates. Before, we
checked (and errored) whether the same node had different
coordinates. Check also for the same coordinates havind different
nodes. It is likely a typo in the name of a locality, and we don't
want to treat them as different nodes.
* Accept grd/gri files as raster format.
* New vignette: animal mobility file-format cheatsheet (
* shiny interface v2 with several improvements (#8)
* several bugfixes
* several bug- and doc-fixes
# mapMCDA 0.3.0
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