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......@@ -81,13 +81,12 @@ unicode-math \
# Install R-package dependencies for compiling reports
RUN ["install2.r", "ade4", "Cairo", "countrycode", "cshapes", "drake", "furrr", "future.callr", "ggthemes", "ggrepel", "here", "hrbrthemes", "janitor", "knitr", "latticeExtra", "pacman", "readxl", "rjson", "rmarkdown", "rmdformats"]
RUN ["install2.r", "INLA", "-r", ""]
RUN ["install2.r", "ade4", "Cairo", "countrycode", "drake", "furrr", "future.callr", "here", "hrbrthemes", "janitor", "knitr", "latticeExtra", "pacman", "readxl", "rjson", "rmarkdown", "rmdformats"]
## Only needed with the option fig_crop
## which gives issues with device Cairo
# RUN ["install2.r", "magick"]
RUN ["install2.r", "magick"]
# Set up environment
RUN echo 'alias ll="ls -lh --color=tty"' >> ~/.bashrc
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