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Package: LineImputer
Type: Package
Title: Merging and imputation of files
Version: 0.1.64
Version: 0.1.65
Author: Stanislav Lipin, Tristan Mary-Huard, Michel Koskas, Émilie Lebarbier, Jean-Benoist Leger
Maintainer: Tristan Mary-Huard <>
Description: This package allows to merge and impute files. It contains three functions: 'mergevcf', 'imputation' and 'impThreshold'. The function 'mergevcf' is designed for merging two or more, VCF files but it can be applied to other highly structured file types. The function 'imputation' allows to predict the unknown values in VCF files. As distinct from the function 'mergevcf' this function can be applied only to VCF files. The function 'impThreshold' allows to process the files after imputation. This function can be applied only to VCF files.
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