Commit c682abc4 authored by Simon de Givry's avatar Simon de Givry
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[error] VAC::clear cannot use queue clear methods

parent 1a8af031
......@@ -689,13 +689,12 @@ void VACExtension::removeSingleton()
void VACExtension::clear()
// while (!VAC.empty())
// VAC.pop();
// if (ToulBar2::vacValueHeuristic)
// while (!SeekSupport.empty())
// SeekSupport.pop();
// Cannot use VAC.clear() as it will not reset timeStamps which are based on the number of wcsp propagate calls and not VAC iterations
while (!VAC.empty())
if (ToulBar2::vacValueHeuristic)
while (!SeekSupport.empty())
void VACExtension::queueVAC(DLink<VariableWithTimeStamp>* link)
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