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TAIR9 Genome Release [June 19, 2009] contains <br>EuGene
predictions (thanks to S. Aubourg, INRA-URGV)<br>
See JCVI [<a href="">news</a>]<br>
Even more new A. thaliana genes predicted by<br>
EuGene validated by RT-PCR<br>
See the [<a href="">paper</a>]<br>
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<font size=-1 color="black">
eugene v3.5g : Apr. 2009 <br>
eugene v3.5 : Sep. 2007<br>
eugene v3.4 : Dec. 2006<br>
eugene v3.3 : Sep. 2005<br>
eugene v3.2 : Apr. 2005<br>
eugene v3.1 : Feb. 2005<br>
eugene v3.0 : Oct. 2004<br>
EuGne Web : Aug. 21 2007
EuGne Web : Aug. 21 2009
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