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    v3.2 released 17 Mar. 2005
    * change the use of the software:
            EUGENEDIR: environment variable updating with the eugene root repertory
            (default value /usr/share/eugene). This repertory contains repertories:
                 - cfg (with eugene.par the default parameter file)
                 - models (provided models)
                 - doc (documentation)
                 - plugins
                 - web (to vizualize eugene HTML outputs)
    * Allow MAC compilation
    * no more need to call the CREATE_LINKS procedure.
    * Tests as compilation are called in the root directory.
    * HTML outputs reference local web directory and no more WEB in the current directory.
    * Optimized parameter file is written in the current directory instead of the directory of the parameter file used
    * New parameter Output.webdir indicating where to find files necessary to vizualize HTML outputs ('LOCAL' value to
     use the local web directory or a URL)
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