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    CarthaGene now compiles and runs under microsoft (r) windows (tm). · e2d67229
    dleroux authored
    CarthaGene is now automagically packaged as tar.gz, self-installing shell script, deb, and rpm.
    * Switched management of build process to CMake and packaging is now handled by CPack, via CMake.
    * Fixed countless alloc bugs in LKH (all were wrapped inside assert()'s).
    * MCMC : Removed GMP dependency (added packedarray.[ch] to replace use of mpz_t).
    * MCMC : fixed bug in a call to powl that always returned 0 under microsoft (r) windows (tm) (visual C has obvious problems with implicit typecasting to long double).
    * MCMC can still be compiled with the GMP code. An option "_WITH_GMP" is defined in CMakeLists.txt ; defaults to OFF.
    * Fixed a few definitions that required extern "C" {}.
    * Added files required by CPack : /COPYING, /README.
    * Removed *ALL* TCL Files that defined the current CG version using "X.X". These files are now automatically "configure"d by CMake. PLEASE MAKE CHANGES TO *.tcl.in instead of *.tcl where *.tcl is one of those files. THEY WILL BE IGNORED AND POSSIBLY OVERWRITTEN BY CMAKE, in the case of an in-source build.
    * Removed all references to ~/.tclshrc ; CarthaGene now uses ~/.carthagenerc
    * Now builds a front-end binary to handle the new rc file : CG.
    * A front-end script called carthagene is installed in system path (typically in /usr/bin) and handles automatic copy of user files (.carthagenerc, .cgwopt, .cgwdefalgo) in $HOME when they don't exist. Usage :
    	carthagene		runs the CG shell
    	carthagene -i		runs the CG GUI
    * A front-end script called carthagene.bat handles that same task under microsoft (r) windows (tm). THE CG SHELL IS DISABLED UNDER WINDOWS (TM), ONLY THE GUI IS CONSIDERED TO MAKE SENSE THERE.
    TODO :
    * reenable building the TCL extension against TCLStubs so CG be TCL-version-independent.