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    CarthaGene now compiles and runs under microsoft (r) windows (tm). · e2d67229
    dleroux authored
    CarthaGene is now automagically packaged as tar.gz, self-installing shell script, deb, and rpm.
    * Switched management of build process to CMake and packaging is now handled by CPack, via CMake.
    * Fixed countless alloc bugs in LKH (all were wrapped inside assert()'s).
    * MCMC : Removed GMP dependency (added packedarray.[ch] to replace use of mpz_t).
    * MCMC : fixed bug in a call to powl that always returned 0 under microsoft (r) windows (tm) (visual C has obvious problems with implicit typecasting to long double).
    * MCMC can still be compiled with the GMP code. An option "_WITH_GMP" is defined in CMakeLists.txt ; defaults to OFF.
    * Fixed a few definitions that required extern "C" {}.
    * Added files required by CPack : /COPYING, /README.
    * Removed *ALL* TCL Files that defined the current CG version using "X.X". These files are now automatically "configure"d by CMake. PLEASE MAKE CHANGES TO * instead of *.tcl where *.tcl is one of those f...