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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ This is the public repository for the model and documents used in the
2021), coordinated by Pauline Ezanno, Sébastien Picault and Timothée
Vergne (INRAE).
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**Table of Contents**
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Content of the README
- ````: this file
- ``model``: directory with model files
- ``ppa.yaml``: model file (in EMULSION modelling language)
- ````: additional Python file to implement specific features not provided by EMULSION (kernel diffusion, special logging, specific control measures...)
- ``outputs/challenge``: simulation outputs corresponding to the trajectory used for the challenge
- ``data``: directory containing input data used to feed the model
- ``boars.csv``: spatial distribution of the centres of home ranges of wild boar
- ``herds.csv``: spatial distribution and features of pig farms
- ``moves.csv``: pre-defined trade movements between pig farms
- ````: script to discretize the whole island into 15x15 km tiles, create the diffusion kernels (as sparse matrices), and store them into ``tiles_15000``
- ``list_of_tiles.txt``: list of non-empty 15x15 km$^2$ tiles
- ````: Python script to (re)build 1 specific tile
- ``fences.csv``, ``buffer.csv``: list of 15x15 km$^2$ tiles which represent the fenced area and the surrounding buffer, respectively
- ``kick-of_meeting``: presentation slides used for the kick-off meeting (August 2020)
- ``Data_all_players``: initial data and situation reports provided for each challenge period
Running model M0
:warning: COMING SOON...
Data provided to ASF Challenge participants ("players")
:warning: COMING SOON...
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