Commit dcce1f02 authored by Safia Saci's avatar Safia Saci
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parent a30b6724
......@@ -10,10 +10,9 @@ module purge
module load bioinfo/nfcore-Nextflow-v20.11.0-edge
nextflow run nf-core/chipseq -r 1.2.1 -profile genotoul --seq_center genotoul -resume \
--input test_file.csv \
--input rosePigs_medPseq_file_.csv \
--fasta Sus_scrofa.Sscrofa11.1.dna.toplevel.fa \
--gtf Sus_scrofa.Sscrofa11.1.102.gtf \
--save_reference \
--fingerprint_bins \
--macs_gsize 2.25e9
--macs_gsize 2.25e9 \
--min_reps_consensus 3
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