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Use tool_version instead of version parameter

To be consistent with other routes that accept this parameter.
parent 3ea9d086
......@@ -94,12 +94,12 @@ class ToolsController(BaseAPIController, UsesVisualizationMixin):
io_details - if true, parameters and inputs are returned
link_details - if true, hyperlink to the tool is returned
version - if provided return this tool version
tool_version - if provided return this tool version
io_details = util.string_as_bool(kwd.get('io_details', False))
link_details = util.string_as_bool(kwd.get('link_details', False))
version = kwd.get('version')
tool = self._get_tool(id, user=trans.user, tool_version=version)
tool_version = kwd.get('tool_version')
tool = self._get_tool(id, user=trans.user, tool_version=tool_version)
return tool.to_dict(trans, io_details=io_details, link_details=link_details)
......@@ -140,10 +140,10 @@ class ToolsTestCase(api.ApiTestCase):
assert output_details["state"] == "error", output_details
assert "has not sent back a URL parameter" in output_details["misc_info"], output_details
def _show_valid_tool(self, tool_id, version=None):
def _show_valid_tool(self, tool_id, tool_version=None):
data = dict(io_details=True)
if version:
data['version'] = version
if tool_version:
data['tool_version'] = tool_version
tool_show_response = self._get("tools/%s" % tool_id, data=data)
self._assert_status_code_is(tool_show_response, 200)
tool_info = tool_show_response.json()
......@@ -442,7 +442,7 @@ class ToolsTestCase(api.ApiTestCase):
def test_show_with_wrong_tool_version_in_tool_id(self, history_id):
tool_info = self._show_valid_tool("multiple_versions", version="0.01")
tool_info = self._show_valid_tool("multiple_versions", tool_version="0.01")
# Return last version
assert tool_info['version'] == "0.2"
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