Commit 94082a87 authored by mvdbeek's avatar mvdbeek
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Unit test that fails if we don't return the latest version upon version mismatch

parent c8552970
......@@ -272,6 +272,21 @@ class ToolBoxTestCase(BaseToolBoxTestCase):
assert test_tool.repository_owner is None
assert test_tool.installed_changeset_revision is None
def test_tool_shed_request_version(self):
test_tool = self.toolbox.get_tool("test_tool", tool_version="0.1")
assert test_tool.version == '0.1'
test_tool = self.toolbox.get_tool("test_tool", tool_version="0.2")
assert test_tool.version == '0.2'
# there is no version 3, return newest version
test_tool = self.toolbox.get_tool("test_tool", tool_version="3")
assert test_tool.version == '0.2'
def test_load_file_in_section(self):
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