Commit 40cecf6f authored by Dannon Baker's avatar Dannon Baker
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/release_17.05' into release_17.09

parents e25b086d c4150d20
......@@ -265,20 +265,6 @@ class RootController(controller.JSAppLauncher, UsesAnnotations):
return "No data with id=%d" % id
def peek(self, trans, id=None):
"""Returns a 'peek' at the data.
# TODO: unused?
# TODO: unencoded id
data = trans.sa_session.query(
if data:
yield "<html><body><pre>"
yield data.peek
yield "</pre></body></html>"
yield "No data with id=%d" % id
# ---- History management -----------------------------------------------
def history_delete(self, trans, id):
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