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Merge pull request #6740 from mvdbeek/backport_tool_version_select_fixes

[18.05] Backport tool version select fixes
parents d014469f 3017568e
......@@ -446,6 +446,9 @@ class AbstractToolBox(Dictifiable, ManagesIntegratedToolPanelMixin):
for tool in self._tools_by_id.values():
if tool.old_id == tool_id:
# if we don't have a lineage_map for this tool we need to sort by version,
# so that the last tool in rval is the newest tool.
rval.sort(key=lambda t: t.version)
if rval:
if get_all_versions:
return rval
......@@ -455,8 +458,8 @@ class AbstractToolBox(Dictifiable, ManagesIntegratedToolPanelMixin):
for tool in rval:
if tool.version == tool_version:
return tool
# No tool matches by version, simply return the first available tool found
return rval[0]
# No tool matches by version, simply return the newest matching tool
return rval[-1]
# We now likely have a Toolshed guid passed in, but no supporting database entries
# If the tool exists by exact id and is loaded then provide exact match within a list
if tool_id in self._tools_by_id:
......@@ -92,10 +92,12 @@ class ToolsController(BaseAPIController, UsesVisualizationMixin):
io_details - if true, parameters and inputs are returned
link_details - if true, hyperlink to the tool is returned
tool_version - if provided return this tool version
io_details = util.string_as_bool(kwd.get('io_details', False))
link_details = util.string_as_bool(kwd.get('link_details', False))
tool = self._get_tool(id, user=trans.user)
tool_version = kwd.get('tool_version')
tool = self._get_tool(id, user=trans.user, tool_version=tool_version)
return tool.to_dict(trans, io_details=io_details, link_details=link_details)
......@@ -140,8 +140,11 @@ class ToolsTestCase(api.ApiTestCase):
assert output_details["state"] == "error", output_details
assert "has not sent back a URL parameter" in output_details["misc_info"], output_details
def _show_valid_tool(self, tool_id):
tool_show_response = self._get("tools/%s" % tool_id, data=dict(io_details=True))
def _show_valid_tool(self, tool_id, tool_version=None):
data = dict(io_details=True)
if tool_version:
data['tool_version'] = tool_version
tool_show_response = self._get("tools/%s" % tool_id, data=data)
self._assert_status_code_is(tool_show_response, 200)
tool_info = tool_show_response.json()
self._assert_has_keys(tool_info, "inputs", "outputs", "panel_section_id")
......@@ -436,6 +439,12 @@ class ToolsTestCase(api.ApiTestCase):
output1_content = self.dataset_populator.get_history_dataset_content(history_id, dataset=output1)
self.assertEqual(output1_content.strip(), "Version " + version)
def test_show_with_wrong_tool_version_in_tool_id(self):
tool_info = self._show_valid_tool("multiple_versions", tool_version="0.01")
# Return last version
assert tool_info['version'] == "0.2"
def test_run_cat1_single_meta_wrapper(self):
# Wrap input in a no-op meta parameter wrapper like Sam is planning to
......@@ -272,6 +272,21 @@ class ToolBoxTestCase(BaseToolBoxTestCase):
assert test_tool.repository_owner is None
assert test_tool.installed_changeset_revision is None
def test_tool_shed_request_version(self):
test_tool = self.toolbox.get_tool("test_tool", tool_version="0.1")
assert test_tool.version == '0.1'
test_tool = self.toolbox.get_tool("test_tool", tool_version="0.2")
assert test_tool.version == '0.2'
# there is no version 3, return newest version
test_tool = self.toolbox.get_tool("test_tool", tool_version="3")
assert test_tool.version == '0.2'
def test_load_file_in_section(self):
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