Commit d61e7c5a authored by Langella Olivier's avatar Langella Olivier
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check entity definitions

parent 0e8a3738
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<!ENTITY msxps "<application>msxpertsuite</application>">
<!ENTITY msXps "<application>msXpertSuite</application>">
<!ENTITY minexp "<application>minexpert</application>">
<!ENTITY xtpcpp "<application>minexpert2</application>">
<!ENTITY minexp2 "<application>minexpert2</application>">
<!ENTITY mineXp "<application>mineXpert</application>">
<!ENTITY mineXp2 "<application>mineXpert2</application>">
<!ENTITY massxp "<application>massxpert</application>">
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