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install location information removed (it is part of the CMAKE documentation)

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......@@ -26,12 +26,7 @@ This will configure masschroq for build on your system and will check
for presence of compiling libraries (gcc, qt). Check error messages,
if any, to see what library is missing. In that case install it and
run the cmake command again.
By default, masschroq will be installed in your /usr/local
directory. If you want to install it in another location, for example
the /usr directory of your system, you should instead type the
following command:
3- Compilation
......@@ -47,13 +42,10 @@ In the masschroq directory type:
sudo make install
This installs the masschroq library, binary and manpage in your system
(by default in /usr/local, for another install location see section 1)
(by default in /usr/local).
In case of problems with the install procedure you can check for
further information on the MassChroQ homepage at
<>, or write to our mailing
list <> (
You can also contact one of its developers at
<> or
You can also contact one of its developers at <>.
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