Commit a006a5ee authored by Olivier Langella's avatar Olivier Langella
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Added readme file after setup in setuo installer

git-svn-id: e4b6dbb4-9209-464b-83f7-6257456c460c
parent 9ed794cb
......@@ -111,6 +111,10 @@ Name: "{group}\examples"; Filename: "{app}\examples"
Name: "{commondesktop}\masschroq_readme.pdf"; Filename: "{app}\masschroq_readme.pdf"; Tasks: desktopicon
Name: "{commondesktop}\masschroq_examples"; Filename: "{app}\examples"; Tasks: desktopicon
Filename: "{app}\masschroq_readme.pdf"; Flags: postinstall shellexec skipifsilent; Description: "View the MassChroQ README file"
; Code to modify PATH env. variable. Uses file modpath.iss which you should provide
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