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Source: masschroq
Section: pappsodev/science
Section: science
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Olivier Langella <>
Uploaders: Olivier Langella <>
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\vskip 4cm
\textbf{\Huge MassChroQ manual}\\[0.5cm]
\Large MassChroQ version 2.2 \emph{Yacare Caiman}\\[1cm]
\Large MassChroQ version 2.2 \emph{Black Caiman}\\[1cm]
Authors : Edlira \textsc{Nano}, Benoît \textsc{Valot}, Olivier \textsc{Langella}\\
Contributors : Michel \textsc{Zivy}\\
......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ Previous developpers are :
This manual contains detailed information about the concepts and
features of {\mcqv}, called \emph{Yacare Caiman}. It is intended to provide all the
features of {\mcqv}, called \emph{Black Caiman}. It is intended to provide all the
technical information needed for an advanced comprehension and use.
In chapter \ref{intro} you will be introduced to the main features of
......@@ -425,32 +425,21 @@ which you can generate and use for development needs.
\subsection{Linux platforms (32 and 64 bits)}
\subsection{Linux platforms}
All the download possibilities of MassChroQ can be found on \\
\item Debian and Ubuntu: Precompiled binary packages for the latest
version are available for \emph{32-bit} and \emph{64-bit}
\item Debian precompiled binary packages are available. This installation
method provides automatic updates and checks for dependencies.
%available from the repository :
% \url{}.
% To add it to your sources list use the following commands:
% sudo add-apt-repository ppa:olivier-langella/ppa
% sudo apt-get update
%\end{verbatim} and then install it with Synaptic or by typing :
% sudo apt-get install masschroq
\item Other distributions: to build {\mexe} on Linux you need:
\item Qt 4.8.2 or higher. Most Linux distributions
have packages available. In any case, be sure to get
the -dev package for Qt in addition to any other libraries.
\item Cmake 2.8 or higher.
\item Cmake 3.0 or higher.
Archives containing the source code are also available. Decompress the
archive and build the binaries with the commands :
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