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licence file COPYING added, iss file to install masschroq on windows

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......@@ -190,6 +190,7 @@ configure_file (${masschroq_SOURCE_DIR}/src/config.h.cmake ${masschroq_SOURCE_DI
configure_file (${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/doc/scripts/ ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/src/ @ONLY)
configure_file (${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/doc/scripts/ ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/src/
configure_file (${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/win64/masschroq-mingw64-win7+.iss.cmake ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/win64/masschroq-mingw64-win7+.iss)
SET(CPACK_PACKAGE_EXECUTABLES "masschroq" "masschroq")
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****** MassChroQ version 2.1 "Yacare Caiman" readme file ******
This file contains instructions to compile and install MassChroQ
version 2.0 "Spectacled Caiman", from sources on Linux systems.
For other installation options (packages/repository for Linux,
or Windows installers) please refer to the MassChroQ homepage at
MassChroQ Copyright : © 2009-2018, Benoit Valot, Edlira Nano, Olivier Langella
MassChroQ is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (available in the COPYING file)
1- Requirements
more information on :
You will need:
cmake (version >= 2.6)
gcc (>=4.1.1)
Qt 4 (exactly libqt4-network, libqt4-xml, libqt4-xmlpatterns,
libqtcore4, libqtgui4 and libqt4-dev, all of them >=4.5.3).
Qwt (libqwt5-qt4, libqwt5-qt4-dev)
2- Configuration
In the masschroq directory type:
cmake .
This will configure masschroq for build on your system and will check
for presence of compiling libraries (gcc, qt). Check error messages,
if any, to see what library is missing. In that case install it and
run the cmake command again.
3- Compilation
In the masschroq directory type:
This will compile masschroq (the masschroq shared library and the main binary).
4- Install
In the masschroq directory type:
sudo make install
This installs the masschroq library, binary and manpage in your system
(by default in /usr/local).
A detailed installation procedure is available for CentOS 7 in the install_centos7.txt.
In case of problems with the install procedure you can check for
further information on the MassChroQ homepage at
<>, or write to our mailing
list <> (
You can also contact one of its developers at <>.
5- Older version
MassChroQ version 2.0 "Spectacled Caiman"
list <> (
You can also contact one of its developers at <>.
; Set version number below
#define public version "${MASSCHROQ_VERSION}"
#define public arch "mingw64"
#define public platform "win7+"
#define sourceDir "C:\msys64\home\polipo\devel\xtandempipeline"
#define cmake_build_dir "C:\msys64\home\polipo\devel\xtandempipeline\build"
; Set version number below
AppVerName=MassChroQ version {#version}
; Set version number below
; Set version number below
AppCopyright="Copyright (C) 2009-2018 Benoit Valot, Edlira Nano, Olivier Langella"
AppComments="MassChroQ, mass chromatogram quantifier"
AppContact="Olivier Langella, research engineer at CNRS, France"
Name: "{app}"
Source: "C:\masschroq-libdeps\*"; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs;
Source: "{#sourceDir}\README"; DestDir: {app}; Flags: isreadme; Components: mcqComp
Source: "{#sourceDir}\COPYING"; DestDir: {app}; Flags: isreadme; Components: mcqComp
Source: "{#cmake_build_dir}\masschroq.exe"; DestDir: {app}; Components: mcqComp
Source: "{#cmake_build_dir}\masschroq_gui.exe"; DestDir: {app}; Components: mcqComp
Source: "{#cmake_build_dir}\masschroq_studio.exe"; DestDir: {app}; Components: mcqComp
Name: "{group}\masschroq"; Filename: "{app}\masschroq_gui.exe"; WorkingDir: "{app}"
Name: "{group}\Uninstall masschroq"; Filename: "{uninstallexe}"
Name: "mcqType"; Description: "Full installation"
Name: "mcqComp"; Description: "MassChroQ files and related documentation"; Types: mcqType
Filename: "{app}\README"; Description: "View the README file"; Flags: postinstall shellexec skipifsilent
Filename: "{app}\masschroq_gui.exe"; Description: "Launch X!TandemPipeline"; Flags: postinstall nowait unchecked
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