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This file is part of the archive which contains
This file is part of the archive (or of the examples
directory of your MassChroQ Windows installation) which contain
ready to use examples to test masschroq v1.0.
In the masschroq_examples directory you will find ready-to-use
In the masschroq_examples (resp. examples) directory you will find ready-to-use
examples to run masschroq. They are intended to illustrate how masschroq
works and the results it can provide. They are also intended to provide
usage and parameter values support for your further analysis.
......@@ -54,3 +55,7 @@ The following examples are provided :
You can then run masschroq directly on this new file in order to
perform the analysis.
- masschroq_complete_input_example.xml (only with the Windows installation)
This is a complete input masschroqML example file that you can edit with
any text or xml editor. This file contains every possible masschroqML
instruction. It is intended to be used as a reference for users.
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