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handle pathway not found case in extractpathway

parent 25721e31
......@@ -51,10 +51,14 @@ public class ExtractPathways extends AbstractMet4jApplication {
BioCollection<BioPathway> pathways = new BioCollection<>();
for(String id : pathwayId.split("\\+")){
BioPathway pathway = network.getPathwaysView().get(id);
if(pathway!=null) pathways.add(pathway);
System.out.println("Number of reactions in pathway "+pathway.getName()+" ("+id+"): "+network.getReactionsFromPathways(pathway).size());
System.out.println("Number of species in pathway "+pathway.getName()+" ("+id+"): "+network.getMetabolitesFromPathway(pathway).size());
System.out.println("Number of genes in pathway "+pathway.getName()+" ("+id+"): "+network.getGenesFromPathways(pathway).size());
System.out.println("Error: Pathway "+id+" not found in network, please check sbml file.");
//remove pathway's reactions and metabolites from list
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