Commit ae014de3 authored by Maxime Chazalviel's avatar Maxime Chazalviel

Remove reaction labels & duplicate side compounds when update network

parent dadf82f4
......@@ -3068,6 +3068,18 @@ metExploreD3.GraphNetwork = {
updateNetwork : function(panelLinked, sessionLinked){
// A BOUGER /////////
d3.selectAll("g.node").filter(n=>n.getBiologicalType()==="reaction").each(function(r){"text").style("opacity", 0)
// dupliquer les side compouunds
var sideCompounds = ["M_adp_m", "M_adp_c", "M_amp_c", "M_amp_m", "M_amp_r", "M_amp_x", "M_atp_x", "M_atp_r", "M_atp_m", "M_atp_c", "M_hco3_c", "M_hco3_m", "M_co2_c", "M_co2_x", "M_co2_m", "M_ppi_c", "M_ppi_x", "M_ppi_r", "M_ppi_m", "M_fad_m", "M_fadh2_m", "M_gtp_c", "M_h2o2_x", "M_pi_m", "M_pi_c", "M_nad_x", "M_nad_c", "M_nad_m", "M_nadh_x", "M_nadh_m", "M_nadh_c", "M_nadp_m", "M_nadp_r", "M_nadp_x", "M_nadph_x", "M_nadph_r", "M_nadph_m", "M_o2_x", "M_o2_r", "M_o2_m", "M_h_r", "M_h_x", "M_h_l", "M_h_m", "M_h_c", "M_h_e", "M_so4_l", "M_h2o_x", "M_h2o_l", "M_h2o_m", "M_h2o_r", "M_h2o_e", "M_h2o_c"];
var linkStyle = metExploreD3.getLinkStyle();
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