Commit 3ce2b189 authored by Maxime Chazalviel's avatar Maxime Chazalviel
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fix refresh of pathways

parent 89a43d4f
......@@ -107,8 +107,10 @@ Ext.define('metExploreViz.view.form.captionForm.CaptionFormController', {
comp.setHidden(!newValue);"#" + panelLinked).select("#D3viz").selectAll("path.convexhull")
.classed("hide", function (conv) {
if (view.getTitle() == "Pathways")
if (view.getTitle() == "Pathways"){
var com = metExploreD3.getPathwayByName(conv.key, panelLinked);
if(com.isCollapsed()) return true;
var com = metExploreD3.getCompartmentByName(conv.key);
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