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# TABLES FOR CIEM (Updated in 2016)
- Table 7 - Exploitation rate in the river Scorff
- Table 8 - Index rivers :spawning stock and egg deposition and attainment of CLs
- Table 9 - Juvenile and adult salmon numbers (estim.) in-river return rate in the monitored rivers
Nota : juvenile fish are smolts except in r. Nivelle which are parrs O+ (/!\ parr 0+ year is then reported for r. Nivelle).
Adult numbers refer to the smolt year N: runs of N+1 and N+2 (N+2 an N+3 respectively for r. Nivelle)
These are estimated trap-return numbers of wild fish except in 94-95 years in Nivelle when some stocked fish returned.
Stocking is considered to adjust numbers
# Conservation limits (millions) used:
- Nivelle: 1.44
- Scorff: 0.63 /!\ revised from data in 2016 by Buoro & Prévost (using 3 eggs/m²)
- Oir: 0.12
- Bresle: 0.36
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