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using CL from CIEM tables

parent 6335662d
......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ table[,"eggs/CL"] <- ratio_CL
#write.csv(round(table,2), file=paste('~/Documents/RESEARCH/PROJECTS/ORE/Abundance/CIEM/Table8_',site,"_",year,'.csv',sep=""))
con <- file(paste('~/Documents/RESEARCH/PROJECTS/ORE/Abundance/CIEM/Table8_',site,"_",year,'.csv',sep=""), open="wt")
writeLines(paste("# Table 8 - Index rivers :spawning stock and egg deposition and attainment of CLs -",site," (",year,")
CL =",CL_eggs," (with 3 eggs/m²) /!\ NOT revised from data
CL =",CL_eggs,"
",sep=""), con)
write.csv( round(table,2), con)
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