Commit 7f1e8cd8 authored by Nathalie Vialaneix's avatar Nathalie Vialaneix
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fixed a bug found during checks

parent 226cfab5
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ citEntry(
author = personList(as.person("Celine Brouard"), as.person("Jerome Mariette"), as.person("Remi Flamary"), as.person("Nathalie Vialaneix")),
journal = 'NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics',
year = 2022,
note = 'Forthcoming'
note = 'Forthcoming',
textVersion = paste('Brouard, C., Mariette, J., Flamary, R. and Vialaneix, N. (2022)',
'Feature selection for kernel methods in systems biology.',
'NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics. Forthcoming.')
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