Commit df97c8e6 authored by Félix Hartmann's avatar Félix Hartmann
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When the 'growth length' window is opened, if the growth length has not

been estimated yet, a value is set and saved automatically. It can be changed
parent b77ba1f6
......@@ -2261,6 +2261,18 @@ def show_growth_length():
# growth length
Lgz = lengths_fitted[0] - s_gz0
# Relative Elongation Rate
RER = dLdt / Lgz
growth_data["i_gz0"] = i_gz0
growth_data["s_gz0"] = s_gz0
growth_data["Lgz"] = Lgz
growth_data["RER"] = RER
# Saving growth_data in the hdf5 file
hdf5file, hdf_tige_id, {'growth_data': growth_data})
text_infos = mpl.figtext(
.5, 0.01,
strings["growth length"] + " (Lgz): %0.2f%s"%(Lgz, length_unit),
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