Commit 9be1fd15 authored by Félix Hartmann's avatar Félix Hartmann
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[bugfix] Fixed bug with the mouse pointer icon.

parent d463cc4a
......@@ -443,7 +443,6 @@ def load_hdf5_tiges(hdf5file, display_message=True):
# Chargement du nom des tiges
if display_message:
interekt.display_message(_("""Loading data"""))
#interekt.display_message(_("""Chargement des données"""))
tiges_names = h5store.get_tiges_names(hdf5file)
base_tiges = h5store.get_tiges_bases(hdf5file)
#Recharge la colormap pour les tiges ouvertes
......@@ -3883,21 +3882,24 @@ class Interekt:
def onmousemove(self, event):
Fonction déclancher à chaque mouvement de la souris dans le
canvas matplotlib
Method called each time the mouse moves within the Matplotlib canvas.
It changes the mouse pointer icon depending on the current mode.
if self.toolbar._active == 'PAN':
if self.toolbar._active == 'ZOOM':
if self.toolbar._active is None:
# for Interekt-specific actions
if not self.toolbar.mode: # no zoom nor span
if add_tige:
# if zoom button pressed, set a 'resize' icon
elif self.toolbar.mode == 'zoom rect':
# if pan button pressed, set a hand icon
elif self.toolbar.mode == 'pan/zoom':
def change_button_state(self):
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