Commit 9523dc49 authored by Félix Hartmann's avatar Félix Hartmann
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[bugfix] Set a default value to the detection stepsize.

parent 199d6504
......@@ -3834,6 +3834,7 @@ class Interekt:
# Set the space step for skeleton detection process
self.detection_step = Tk.DoubleVar()
options_menu.add_command(label=_("Stepsize for skeleton detection"),
......@@ -669,6 +669,7 @@ def get_detection_step(hdf5file):
Return the spatial step size (in pixels) used in the algorithm of
skeleton detection.
default_value = 0.3
step = None
with h5py.File(hdf5file, 'r') as f:
if 'detection_step' in f:
......@@ -676,6 +677,8 @@ def get_detection_step(hdf5file):
if step == {}:
step = None
if step is None or not step:
step = default_value
return step
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