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# Interekt
**The development of RootStemExtractor/Interekt has been moved to another GitLab repository**:
**This repository is no longer active.**
Plant motion tracker in python. Extract skeleton of simple rod-shaped object like plants to follow their motions.
This an early public release of the code, a documentation is in preparation.
![Screenshot]( "screenshot")
# ChangeLog
* version 06092019:
Passage au format hdf5 pour stocker les données, nombreuses
amélioration et ajout de fonctions pour le phénotypage.
* Version 24092018:
Remove test dectection (Bug with Thread and matplotlib!)
Correct bug when only one image is loaded, now the processing could be launched.
* Version 18052018:
Change multiprocessing process (Windows user can now use multiprocessing).
Change the value of exploration diameter from 0.9 to 1.4 (line 728 of MethodOlivier in
Remove bug with None values
# Install
For Mac and Windows user, the simplest way to install it is to download the Anaconda distribution of python (use the branch 2.x of python)
## Python libraries required
Their are all part of the Anaconda python distribution
* pylab (scipy/numpy)
* pandas
* matplotlib
* scikit-image
* h5py
* opencv (optional, but increase processing speed)
# Run
## Windows
double click on **Windows_Interekt.bat** file
## On Linux or Mac
open a terminal, go to the RootStemExtractor directory and run `python ./`
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