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add scrape software versions

parent 1c97acf7
#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function
from collections import OrderedDict
import re
# TODO nf-core: Add additional regexes for new tools in process get_software_versions
regexes = {
'nf-core/template': ['v_pipeline.txt', r"(\S+)"],
'Nextflow': ['v_nextflow.txt', r"(\S+)"],
'FastQC': ['v_fastqc.txt', r"FastQC v(\S+)"],
'MultiQC': ['v_multiqc.txt', r"multiqc, version (\S+)"],
results = OrderedDict()
results['nf-core/template'] = '<span style="color:#999999;\">N/A</span>'
results['Nextflow'] = '<span style="color:#999999;\">N/A</span>'
results['FastQC'] = '<span style="color:#999999;\">N/A</span>'
results['MultiQC'] = '<span style="color:#999999;\">N/A</span>'
# Search each file using its regex
for k, v in regexes.items():
with open(v[0]) as x:
versions =
match =[1], versions)
if match:
results[k] = "v{}".format(
except IOError:
results[k] = False
# Remove software set to false in results
for k in results:
if not results[k]:
# Dump to YAML
print ('''
id: 'software_versions'
section_name: 'nf-core/template Software Versions'
section_href: ''
plot_type: 'html'
description: 'are collected at run time from the software output.'
data: |
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
for k,v in results.items():
print(" <dt>{}</dt><dd><samp>{}</samp></dd>".format(k,v))
print (" </dl>")
# Write out regexes as csv file:
with open('software_versions.csv', 'w') as f:
for k,v in results.items():
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