1. 28 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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      Huge update for the new migration workflow: · db1b75b8
      Romain Therville authored
      - New name : switch_space_id.
      - The given space id is checked in application.properties.
      - Most of the treatments have been moved to a "components" folder,
      allowing us to create easily a new "migrate_several_projects" (or
      "bulk_project_migration") later.
      - The workflow can be launched from the single project view on the nG6
      website, when logged a superadmin user.
      - The project's space_id is visible to everyone on the single project
      - A warning indicating that the migration updates the retention has been
      added to the workflow's form in single project view.
      - More logs in ng6.log, and the new log file MoveProject.stdout. (path
      exemple : [...]/jflow/work/switchspaceid/wf000452/MoveProject_default/MoveProject.stdout)
      - CSS updates for the project views.
      - For new space_ids, the <space_id>/run and <space_id>/analyze
      directories will be created if missing.