Commit fdef3fce authored by Gerald Salin's avatar Gerald Salin
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tried to fix bug #55

parent 98355c63
......@@ -219,15 +219,15 @@ class CutAdapt (Analysis):
stats = {}
for line in open(input_file, 'r').readlines():
if"Processed reads",line):
if"Total read pairs processed",line):
stats["processedread"] = line.strip().split()[2]
if"Processed bases",line):
if"Total basepairs processed:",line):
stats["processedbase"] = line.strip().split()[2]
if"Trimmed reads",line):
stats["trimmedread"] = line.strip().split()[2]
if"Trimmed bases",line):
stats["trimmedbase"] = line.strip().split()[2]
if"Too short reads",line):
if"Pairs that were too short",line):
stats["shortread"] = line.strip().split()[3]
if"Too long reads",line):
stats["longread"] = line.strip().split()[3]
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