Commit eb31d1c7 authored by Penom Nom's avatar Penom Nom
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Clean parameters and samples names display.

parent 72cffc6d
......@@ -17,6 +17,26 @@ along with this program. If not, see <>.
{extends file='AnalysisTemplate.tpl'}
{block name=params_title} Filtering options {/block}
{block name=params_content}
{assign var="params" value=";"|explode:$analyse.params}
<p>In the current analysis only the following filters was used : </p>
{foreach from=$params item=current_param}
{assign var="current_param_fields" value=":"|explode:$current_param}
{if $current_param_fields[0] == "min_length"}
<li class="parameter">Keep reads with a length >= {$current_param_fields[1]}.</li>
{elseif $current_param_fields[0] == "max_length"}
<li class="parameter">Keep reads with a length <= {$current_param_fields[1]}.</li>
{elseif $current_param_fields[0] == "max_N"}
<li class="parameter">Keep reads with a number of N <= {$current_param_fields[1]}.</li>
{elseif $current_param_fields[0] == "max_homopoly"}
<li class="parameter">Keep reads with an great homopolymer length <= {$current_param_fields[1]}.</li>
{block name=results_title} Filtering results {/block}
{block name=results}
<table class="table table-striped table-bordered dataTable analysis-result-table">
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ class FilterSeq (Analysis):
def post_process( self ):
for current_file in self.log_files:
sample_name = os.path.basename( current_file )
sample_name = os.path.basename( current_file ).split(".")[0]
nb_seq_processed, nb_filtered_on_length, nb_filtered_on_N, nb_filtered_on_homopoly = self._parse_log( current_file )
self._add_result_element( sample_name, "nb_seq_processed", str(nb_seq_processed) )
self._add_result_element( sample_name, "nb_filtered_length", str(nb_filtered_on_length) )
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